"Flying Bobbins has inspired me to rediscover a childhood passion for sewing.  The sewing projects are practical and modern.  This, teamed with stylish fabric and accessory choices, means the end result is something anyone would be proud to use or wear.  The instructional videos are easy to follow and packed full of useful tips.  I have learned handy techniques from the videos and they are also a great way to teach my children how to sew!"


"Fantastic quality fabric and other bits.  The kits sold by the company are beautiful products and with the tutorials, you can't go wrong!  A very helpful customer service.  Have bought from Flying Bobbins many times and always give five star service."


"With the incredible guidance videos of Flying Bobbins couples with their bespoke craft kits, my sewing has reached heights that I could not have achieved alone.  Not only can I buy good fabrics, and good kits, they're coupled with incredible tuition videos all at a reasonable price. #CustomerForLife"


"Liz is a well of knowledge regarding sewing, plus she has really great products to sell!  I'd much rather order from her than a cold website which you aren't always sure of what you are gonna get!  100% recommend!!  Plus I love the FB group Flying Bobbins she created full of amazing ladies sharing the same passion."


"Fabrics of high quality and reasonable pricing.  Good selection.  Closed by Liz for their design and quality which assures they do the right job.  With Liz's advice, you can't go wrong with the right fabric type for the job.  Tutorials are clear, concise and straightforward, enabling tips to be picked up along the sewing journey.  Beginners and experienced alike, Liz is there to help.  A rewarding experience."


"Liz makes learning to sew a friendly and pleasurable experience.  Her tutorial videos are easy to follow with clear, helpful advice.  The kits I have bought from Flying Bobbins have been immaculately presented and have added to the enjoyment of learning to sew.  Thank you Liz!"


"Flying Bobbins has always provided a 5 star service.  Whether I buy fabric, kits or haberdashery items they've all been exquisite and the tutorials and video follow alongs make you feel like you are right there with Liz.  So friendly and supportive, really can't recommend enough."


"Absolutely wonderful teaching via Facebook, so easy to follow with step by step information, if I can make a jewellery wrap, anyone can wasn't the first to join but certainly won't be the last, all arrives complete parcel by post in a few days with further instructions!  Very good prices too, you have to see to try, wonderful, I was recommended to join by my daughter in law, best thing I have done!"


"Gorgeous top quality fabrics priced competitively.  Beautifully packaged and sent promptly.  Easy to follow, step by step tutorials which are full of tips and advice to help you along the way.  Flying Bobbins is a must for all sewers.  Highly recommend."


"I can't recommend Flying Bobbins highly enough.  The fabrics and haberdashery are superb and the sewing kits are fantastic.  Everything arrives beautifully packaged in a box with tissue paper around the materials.  The kits come with illustrated instructions which incorporate a gift tag so if you want to give as a gift you have everything you need to package it.  The instructions are easy to follow and Liz is very quick to respond if you have any questions.  They are the best kits I have used."


"I'd definitely recommend Liz and Flying Bobbins.  The quality of the fabrics and haberdashery is fantastic and you will not be disappointed.  Liz's tutorials are amazing and are so easy to follow.  They give you the confidence to try things that you wouldn't attempt at home and Liz is always on hand to answer any questions or offer advice if you need it.  The kits she offers are excellent value for money and have everything you need to create your project.  Highly recommend!


Liz is an exceptional, entertaining and clear teacher.  Her sew-alongs are a real pleasure to take part in and she provides everything you need for your project: beautiful fabrics, accessories, needles and threads.  In addition, the community Liz has created around her brand is as helpful, kind and supportive as she is.  Cannot recommend enough!"


"I've gleamed so much knowledge and expertise from Liz.  Her passion for all things sewing, material and haberdashery shines through.  Her online tutorials are easy to follow and informative and the ready to sew kits are exquisitely presented with clear instructions.  The quality of all materials is always exemplary and appealing to all tastes.  Flying Bobbins flies high!"


I really love sewing but often struggle with ideas of what to sew and to find fabrics I like.  Liz is amazing at coming up with fantastic sewing projects & ideas, which paired with her wonderful eye for fabrics, which you can buy directly form her, and her sew along videos, it makes sewing so enjoyable - I love all the things I've managed to make, thanks Liz."


"Fantastic fabrics, great advice and able to post to every destination, arrives beautifully packaged!  The added bonus is helpful tutorials with great support and advice along every step of the way!! And what a lovely, kind and helpful person Liz is!!"