Hello, I'm Liz, creator of Flying Bobbins.

I decided to set up Flying Bobbins after leaving my job as a fashion designer. I had been teaching sewing and dressmaking for a couple of years. I have always loved sewing and I soon found that I really loved teaching too. I'd often be inspired to take on a new sewing project, but I'd then have to search all over the place for all the bits needed, and when shopping on-line, I'd have no guarantee that they would all go together. My students would tell me that they also found it hard to select fabrics for their projects, they always said how they loved the fabrics I selected for them and I thought: 'Why not offer this in one package'; Fabrics and trims all lovingly selected to go beautifully together, and supplied in a kit with amazing, clear instructions so that sewing success is guaranteed.

It was after a day's teaching that the name Flying Bobbins popped into my head. When I say 'Flying Bobbins' it makes me smile. The students I had spent the morning with were so full of the joy of learning sewing and I wanted a name which reflected that. I want sewing to be an uplifting experience and I want to help create that by making it as easy for you as possible - ideas, instructions, trims and fabrics all in one place, so that you can get on with the happy task of simply sewing to your heart's content.

I excitedly came up with my first few sewing kits but then lockdown happened! I decided to set up a Facebook group to test these kits out and get some feedback. This quickly grew into a fabulous community of avid sewers and total beginners all brought together by a love of making. I started to do weekly live sew-alongs. The fabrics for my first kits arrived and the group absolutely loved them. The next step of the story is what you see here; A website offering sewing kits containing all you need to make a Flying Bobbins project alongside a Facebook group and YouTube channel where you can share your makes with other Flying Bobbins enthusiasts and attend sew-alongs to help you make your project.

As my stock of fabrics and trims grew I decided to also offer these separately so that you can pick and choose exactly what inspires you to create.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my website today.
Wishing you happy and successful sewing!
Liz xxx